{1}{1}29.970 {10}{79}Watch in a well lit room,|from a good distance... {82}{150}or you'll go blind. {165}{323}I, Adachi Asumu, am a high schools test-taking, third year middle schooler. {348}{434}I have to focus on studying until the exam. {446}{523}I said I didn't plan to see Hibiki-san... {578}{770}But, I can't but feel anxious. {817}{912}Translation: Takenoko {2232}{2320}Volume 6: Beating Soul {2364}{2409}Kamen Rider Hibiki; {2416}{2500}Brought to you by key to fun, Bandai, {2535}{2629}and the following sponsors. {3027}{3085}If you're going in, hurry and do it. {3134}{3165}I'm sorry. {3341}{3387}Welcome! {3457}{3481}Hello. {3482}{3574}I bet you would have gone home if I didn't speak up. {3575}{3608}Ah, no, that isn't... {3658}{3700}Well, please please. {3745}{3777}Then I'll sit here. {3885}{3946}Ummm... {3951}{3983}Oh, right. {4005}{4045}Hibiki-san! {4075}{4099}Yes. {4108}{4197}He's out at the moment. {4198}{4268}There was a pinch, so he had some sudden work. {4282}{4311}Oh... {4339}{4422}But have some tea, since you came all this way. {4429}{4454}Okay. {4513}{4541}Wound {5013}{5055}Ow... {7097}{7161}This is our pride, millet dumplings. {7180}{7254}Did you know it's not eaten outside of Tokyo? {7261}{7273}No... {7279}{7313}Right! {7336}{7434}As special service today consider this on the house. {7439}{7456}Really? {7456}{7494}It's fine fine! {7497}{7532}Thank you! {7778}{7839}Cellphone: Mochiba Hitomi {8075}{8122}Ah, answering machine. {8125}{8187}First you say... {8196}{8277}Umm... got a stomach ache? {8290}{8358}About mochi, I'm called Mochida. {8367}{8455}But, that's not the reason.|No, no, no. {8478}{8566}You didn't got home without saying anything did you? {8572}{8670}How many times did you sneak home? {8688}{8773}No fair, Adachi! Go away, Adachi! {8816}{8949}Well, that's how it is, Later we'll give you a proper greeting. {9114}{9170}Yo. Are the mince dumplings good? {9173}{9191}Yes. {9242}{9311}Let me do this over. {9362}{9383}Welcome. {9390}{9422}Thank you for having me. {9446}{9502}So, are you well? {9508}{9530}Yes. {9546}{9652}Unfortunately Hibiki is out for work. {9654}{9688}Ah, I heard. {9748}{9796}By the way... {9820}{9867}You're doing Jounan's test, right? {9896}{9919}Yes. {9950}{10092}The history problems are pretty difficult at Jounan. {10093}{10116}Right. {10166}{10301}Ah... my college mate is on staff there. {10305}{10353}His name is Kazaki. {10353}{10385}Really? {10405}{10512}That's a good schools. {10515}{10548}Seems like it. {10606}{10687}Ah, the tea's gotten cold. {10697}{10717}I'll bring you a new one. {10744}{10778}Oh, thank you. {11344}{11372}Hibiki-san. {11477}{11538}Ya! He got me. {11768}{11847}Why do you want to go to Jounan? {11886}{11980}Ah... well... I don't have any special reason. {12036}{12220}Well, it seemed like that's be a good place. {12254}{12398}Well, being forced to decide your future at your age... {12405}{12480}It's pretty difficult, isn't? {12483}{12594}Yes, actually I want to get into Jounan a brass band. {12597}{12651}I had considered Jouhouku, but... {12688}{12780}Ah, that has the best brass band in the country. {12782}{12849}Ah! So that's why. {12898}{13022}But, for now, I've decided to do my best for Jounan. {13164}{13262}I see... high schools first, right? {13266}{13357}Just doing it for doing it's sake, eh? {13358}{13379}Yeah. {13422}{13444}Hello! {13473}{13492}Hibiki-kun. {13493}{13563}No no! It's Ibuki branch chief. {13601}{13637}I said Ibuki. {13640}{13788}It seem like each time I come I'm called "Hibiki", "Ibuki", other various names... {13901}{13961}Today Kasumi is out. {13974}{14013}I see. {14173}{14276}Ah! Long time no see! Welcome! {14508}{14576}Too bad! {14579}{14628}So where's Kasumi-san today? {14660}{14734}Zanki-san was beaten by a Bakegami.|(Bekegami = monster crab) {14735}{14773}Eh... really? {14773}{14864}Ah, he was taken to a hospital is seems. {14866}{14946}So she went with Hibiki-san as follow up. {14952}{14995}I see. {15008}{15047}Zanki-san was... {15236}{15289}Ah! Who's this boy? {15325}{15473}He was at Yaku Island when Hibiki-san was fighting the Tsuchigumo. {15577}{15613}Ah! Big sister! {15629}{15656}Hello! {15663}{15769}Hello? Hibiki-san was beaten by the bakegani. {15843}{15918}Right, right... right. {15921}{15973}Father is going to speak to you now. {16021}{16062}Hello? It's me. {16065}{16186}Sorry! Seems Hibiki-san will be late today. {16189}{16237}Ah, right. I see. {16241}{16305}Sorry! Come anytime! {16308}{16355}Right! Thanks you for the food. {16380}{16424}I know that, but... {16452}{16526}Yeah. That's what he said. Okay {16588}{16621}All right. {16636}{16739}Ibuki-kun just came, he'll bring you one. {16923}{16960}No bites. {16981}{17074}Patience until the tide moves. {17500}{17514}Demon {17583}{17597}Demon {18059}{18139}Ow ow ow! Doesn't hurt! It's all right. {18255}{18294}So... {18294}{18367}The monster was... {18378}{18537}He was heading north it seemed. {18608}{18721}All right. Shall we go searching north? {18731}{18802}Roger! then... {19860}{19922}Could it you're going to Hibiki-san right now? {19958}{20057}I'm bringing a taiko drum to Hibiki-san, I'll give you a ride. {20136}{20183}You're a Takeshi, right?|(The Oni organization is named Takeshi) {20185}{20270}No... I'm Asumu, Adachi Asumu. {20313}{20371}I haven't heard that gag in a long time! {20427}{20521}I like you appearance. Let's hurry. {20609}{20659}You must be worried about Hibiki-san's injury. {20671}{20707}Hibiki-san's injured? {21060}{21129}This is Adachi, please leave a message. {21145}{21188}Ah... hello? {21189}{21294}It's Mochida; I'm heading to Meiaka right now. {21321}{21389}I know you're listening, idiot! {22532}{22567}Six is a miss. {23070}{23094}Hey. {23099}{23131}Yo! Ibuki. {23402}{23428}Hey. {23441}{23511}Ih! Boy! {23511}{23597}Asumu-kun. Why? {23629}{23782}Well, with Hibiki-san hurt, I thought it'd be bad if his pupil weren't here. {23790}{23822}Pupil? {23822}{23847}I am? {23848}{23882}Hibiki-san's? {23884}{23912}He's not? {23913}{23967}No!|No! {23968}{24000}That is incorrect. {24021}{24085}Then, he is Hibiki-san's...? {24118}{24175}Recent acquaintance? {24191}{24226}Neighbors? {24259}{24293}Friends. {25056}{25154}Umm... Hibiki-san, you're hurt? {25187}{25259}Look. This is fine! {25267}{25353}Don't worry... Ow... Doesn't hurt. {25401}{25482}Hey! Good job! I've got it! {25533}{25606}No, no! Just glad to be of help! {25648}{25729}Also, I got to see Kasumi-san. {25746}{25827}Hey! What're you guys whispering about? {25846}{25868}Nothing! {25888}{25908}Nothing! {25938}{25984}Thank you! Thanks, thanks! {25987}{26005}It's nothing. {26034}{26126}Then, I'll go back first. Good luck. {26277}{26330}Asumu-kun, shall we go? {26364}{26415}Ah... okay. {26437}{26528}Wait. If it's all right, let me send him back. {26579}{26675}We live in the same neighborhood. Although you'd have to wait a bit. {26701}{26735}Okay, Asumu-kun? {26740}{26761}Okay. {26769}{26795}Later then. {26856}{27030}Oh.. next time. Come watch Hibiki-san and me exterminate makamou. {27035}{27094}Eh... makamou? {27193}{27219}Ah, okay. {27933}{28055}Sorry for getting you involved again. {28063}{28177}Oh it's no problem. I'm the one that came. {28184}{28224}I'm sorry. {28239}{28325}No problem. I'm fine. {28332}{28403}Umm... is your wound really okay? {28416}{28528}It's fine! I've trained for times like this. {28632}{28661}Hibiki-san... {28734}{28822}I also tried to train, but... {28897}{28921}But... {29060}{29138}If you're not trained enough... you have to train more. {29195}{29290}Anyway, if it were that easy to be trained... {29300}{29356}there'd be no Oni, right? {29500}{29560}Only one of these can be made. {29569}{29669}I can't give it to a boy that easily. {29693}{29767}All right! I'll train more! {29787}{29838}All right! That's the spirit. {30368}{30443}This it! All right! {30456}{30517}Guess I'll fight the monster. {30593}{30675}Ah! Can you wait a bit longer? {30680}{30741}Ummmm... I'll go home alone. {30742}{30801}Hmmm... no need to hold back for my sake. {30803}{30861}No. I can go alone. {30936}{31026}I see. Then see you again. {31027}{31049}Okay. {31185}{31215}Hibiki-san. {31248}{31326}I'll work hard, so you do, too! {31366}{31399}Working hard! {32008}{32043}Please take care of this. {32939}{32974}All right! {33022}{33174}Ah! Hello. It's Mochida;|I'm heading to Meiaka right now. {33180}{33248}I know you're listening, idiot! {33424}{33525}Today, I went home first. I'm sorry. {33529}{33632}Sorry to Katsuo and Kiko. I'll work hard again tomorrow! {34294}{34326}Here I go. {34698}{34730}Not yet! {35105}{35144}You're not bad. {38278}{38314}Dead. {38361}{38392}Doesn't hurt. {39769}{39859}Beating Soul {39860}{40081}It is as if you are transparent {40088}{40314}Everything passes through you so quickly {40324}{40583}Is that not how it feels to you? {40603}{40822}Boy! If you are going to journey... {40827}{41068}Being proud in the day when it clears up. {41073}{41161}Hit the beat! Keep your beat! {41164}{41289}Find the place where your heart can heal! {41292}{41382}Hit the beat! Keep your beat! {41385}{41514}Find what no one else can do! {41514}{41743}That your sound! {41870}{41947}Let us squeeze you a bit. {41969}{42023}I'm going to tell Hibiki-san right now. {42024}{42146}You have to train your heart and body; train an train... {42147}{42197}then you can become an Oni. {42200}{42250}Volume 7, Blowing Breath Oni! {42283}{42427}Kamen Rider Hibiki;|Brought to you by key to fun, Bandai... {42456}{42547}and the following sponsors.